In reality the chief accuser is not outside, but the judge who dwells in our own hearts. 


“This is a pathological, demoralized, and mentally abnormal condition: one side of us does things, which the other (so-called decent) side prefers to ignore. This side is in a perpetual state of defense against real and supposed accusations. In reality the chief accuser is not outside, but the judge who dwells in our own hearts. Since this is nature's attempt to bring about a cure, it would be wiser not to persist too long in rubbing the noses of the Germans in their own abominations, lest we drown the voice of the accuser in their hearts—and also in our own hearts and those of our Allies.”  “After the Catastrophe”, Collected Works of C.G. Jung, Volume 10 ¶416. 

Some pleas for mercy from supporters of the President Elect put me in mind of Dr. Jung’s dictum at the end of World War II, probably informed by the consequences of World War I.  After WWI, the Allies sought to be punitive against Germany, and that punishment gave fertile ground for the rise of the Third Reich. After WWII, the Allies instituted the Marshall Plan, and today Germany is one of our strongest allies.

Some of my posts and remarks were labeled as offensive by women I respect, so I apologize for those.  I will only henceforth do my best to look forward not backward, and let the judge who dwells in our own hearts pronounce the judgment.  

Ah, but Dr. Jung was not of one mind, as all things are in duality.  He further commented, 

“Instead we hear only of attempts to shift the blame on to others—‘No one will admit to having been a Nazi.’” Ibid.

This is why I will urge each and every one of us to examine ourselves when bad things happen. I acknowledge that none of us are without responsibility for the country and world we get in the coming four years.  It is the world we now deserve, but is it the world we want for our grandchildren?  If not, what can we do to fix it?

I do acknowledge that 

“…the flame of evil glowers in our moral indignation.” Ibid. ¶410

But at the same time, I acknowledge and urge to your attention that,

“It must be so, for it is necessary that someone should feel indignant, that someone should let himself be the sword of judgment wielded by fate.  Evil calls for expiation, otherwise the wicked will destroy the world utterly, or the good suffocate in their rage which they cannot vent, and in either case no good will come of it.” Ibid. ¶410

I acknowledge that the new Administration is at this point tabula rasa, and therefore should enjoy our faith in our American system of government.  BUT, we will be watching.  

Dr. Jung continues,

“When evil breaks at any point into the order of things, our whole circle of psychic protection is disrupted.  Action inevitably calls up reaction, and, in the matter of destructiveness, this turns out to be just as bad as the crime, and possibly even worse, because the evil must be exterminated root and branch. In order to escape the contaminating touch of evil we need a proper rite de sortie, a solemn admission of guilt by judge, hangman, and public, followed by an act of expiation.  

“… Who are we to imagine that ‘it couldn’t happen here’?...We, who have so many traitors and political psychopaths in our midst? It has filled us with horror to realize all that man is capable of, and of which, therefore, we too are capable.  Since then a terrible doubt about humanity, and about ourselves, gnaws at our hearts.” Ibid. ¶412

We know what evil is. Slavery was evil. Jim Crow was evil. Lynching was evil. Rape is evil. Evil manifests in many forms. Be vigilant! Take action immediately when necessary. The Germans failed to take action when evil emerged in the 1930s, and evil was not exterminated root and branch until all of the crockery was broken.  

The Trump Administration can only defeat itself.  We should let them do it!




Jung for Laymen

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