Who was the lover and who was the beloved?  No one could tell. Each had lost its form. They were ONE, fused into each other like molten substance, so they ceased to exist as individuals. That day, they were: ONE!


The grass was soft as velvet and lush green. He could see the snow covered mountaintops of the Himalayas way far on the horizon. The air was crisp and cool. He had never laid on grass like this in his whole life except maybe as a child playing in the huge lawns so traditional in garrison houses where he was mostly raised. 

Wild flowers grew all around, scattered like in an abstract painting, unlike the manicured rows in a lawn.

Was it the serenity and calm around him that almost lifted him into another dimension so that he was neither asleep nor awake, in a sort of delirium. The wind blew in waves, causing a rhythm. It was music!!! Yes it was!! He swayed towards reality thinking he was imagining it. No he was not! It was real.

How would a math and science stricken mind experience this beauty? This art? So, he had to listen hard and have his ears confirm what he thought he heard. Logic, darned Logic!!

How could there be such harmonics out of simple blowing of the wind. But, hey!! It was a full orchestra. Only much larger, very large.  Who has heard thousands of reeds making music like this!! Not a human creation. It was Divine, the melody, the beat, the rhythm. Boom Boom Boom!!! Boom Boom!!! Then there was a pause and he thought it was his imagination…..It came back again….Boom Boom!!! Boom Boom Boom!!! He wanted so to put this in words with no success. So limited, this human language to describe the Divine Orchestra….. He knew it then and has not gotten that sound out of his head since, almost 20 years ago and swears to the day, it was a huge orchestra with reed fit instruments, harmoniums, organs, accordions, and all playing together!!!

What was the music saying to him? I LOVE YOU…..YES, YOU!!!…..YES, YOU!!!….I LOVE YOU!!!! Love was in the air, literally. Divine Love!! But what made him receive it! Why that day and not other days he had been in the mountains!! Divinity had showed up in a form that he could see, hear or touch and feel. The Celestial had showed up in the Terrestrial. Divinity showing and shining through the physical form. The physical form for him that day was ‘The most beautiful woman in the world’ ☺. Now his wife. She sat next to him, same grass, same elements of nature for her too, not knowing what she was making possible for him. She was the form that his soul had fused with. Little did the form know what she had done for him, taken him to the footstep of Real Love! But that day, that moment, she had played her part to the fullest. Oblivious to all this but looking so fair with a glow on her face and the breeze tossing her long hair, brushing his cheek. He could smell her perfume and was totally intoxicated, drunk on her being. Her title ‘The most beautiful woman in the world’ from him, ‘My Queen’.

Had she known, she would have found answers to a lot of questions she used to ask. One was, why he never let her climb the stairs when he was around the house. He would always lift her in his arms and carry her upstairs! She never resisted either. On the contrary, she used to lovingly wrap her arms around his neck and lay her head on his broad shoulders. On planet Earth, this is a man carrying a woman. In his world, it was a divine being whose feet were meant not to touch the ground in his presence. Those feet were to be put in ones lap and safely held to the chest, never to touch the ground. One was a slave of the other. And they were not on planet Earth when together!

The other question, what was it with these red roses, where not a single time he saw her without red roses, one or a bunch. In his humble days that he knew her, he had a credit line with a flower shop not far from her house. On her birthday, there will be someone with a bunch of red roses at her office reception, delivering ‘a’ red rose on the hour, every hour to her desk! With every rose, he felt the surge of love for her wherever he was as if he had touched her, been with her, heard her voice, smelled her skin, in the same city, a thousand miles away or ten thousand miles away chasing his dreams. But, red roses were delivered! One every hour! On the hour!!

Who was the lover and who was the beloved?  No one could tell. Each had lost its form. They were ONE, fused into each other like molten substance, so they ceased to exist as individuals. That day, they were: ONE!

It was the pine trees, and the wind passing through the pine needles sounded like a thousand harmoniums playing together!!! He figured out!! Small wonder!!! This was nature’s orchestra playing, making great music!! It wasn’t this world! It was their world, the World of Love, Eternal World and the Ultimate Lover was playing His Music for them! 

They were in Paradise!

Shahid Mir is an indepedent author writing in Islamabad, Pakistan.  

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© Microstock77 | Dreamstime.com - Violin Piano Rose Photo



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