If you are in a dark room, you will turn on the light, then you will try to open your eyes because you think that you need light, but it hurts because your eyes cant accept this amount of light. That's me when I decide to give hope to my heart. I give my heart a big amount of hope.. And this is the perfect example for my heart and how I'm feeling now. 


I lived in the dark for 17 years, then I decided to turn up some hope to give my heart strength. But this strength destroyed the rest of my heart and I back in the dark again, only this time I have no way to turn on the light. I know that I will never ever get out from this dark till my death comes. 


But why?! Why are my dreams destroying my life? I thought dreams are supposed to be the most beautiful things in the world!


I wish I was a little bird, so I could travel any place in the world 

I wish I was a little bird, so I could fly all the time 

I wish, I only wish, but all my wishes will not be a wish (to come true) 


18 years old, and I am thinking of my fate like I'm older than a 98 year old man. 

Why, why did they steal my life like that? ...why can't I live freely and why can't I travel to any place ...


Why and why! There is no answer...


I don't want to live a perfect life, I don't want to travel everyday. I don't want to be a rich girl. All I want is to live a normal life; I want to live in my dreams. 

Is it too much to live a normal life? 


I will never ever ever forgive the world for destroying my life... I am dying all the time, I am tired of smiling all the time. I am a human. I have the right to cry, to do anything. I keep my feelings in my heart, cause I am trying to not give up, but I am tired of being like that all the time. That is enough...then what, tell me, when will I have the right to live like a human? 


And my message for this world is .. everybody will live what I live one day , so remember these words cause you will one day feel what I feel now.


Lana, 18-years-old, Gaza


Jung for Laymen

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