Dr. Carl Jung--Alchemy

In Honor of International Poetry Day

March 21, 2016


I dreamed I was a mighty whale

And you a majestic white horse,

Who lived on an arid plain so stale

You couldn’t find love’s source.


My habitat was a blue green cove

Where I often swam and dove,

And though our forms were sealed by fate

We found we could communicate.


You often came to a cliff edge

Where you could see me swim.

You found a path beyond the ledge

Where you followed your precious whim


To step gingerly down the path

Through thorns to my white sand beach

Where you could touch my warm moist bath

Allowing me to teach


Of joys of life and joys of love

From many years ago

Beyond the strife of thorns above

In precious realms below.


But when I looked at your foreleg

I saw a bloody stream

Of bright red ooze from thorny peg

Nightmare within a dream.


I bade you join my moist pleasure,

But you couldn’t stand the sting,

I gave the secret of my treasure,

The balm for which men sing.


Your hooves dug deep you wouldn’t weep

You found my amber ball.

You stove it in, released within

Its vapor raised the pall.


Now free to run and have some fun

You galloped in the surf;

You ducked your head into the foam,

Then dove into my turf.


We swam and dove inside my cove

Until on one deep dive

We surfaced for breath, defeating death

And flew up up alive.


We flew above your arid plain

And dripped our splashing waters

And everywhere our bodies dripped

The trees gave birth to daughters.


We cavorted nearly every day

Until the plain was lush

And then returned unto the bay

Where we found your belly plush.


With the fruits of love’s wisdom

Transcending our kingdom

Of time and space we all know

Our child brought our freedom

To fathom the wisdom

Of leaving life’s flow to love’s glow.


Previously published under the pen name DAVID GERRITSAN. Copyright 1993 Donald L. Conover

© Robertplotz | Dreamstime.com

“Breaching Humpback Whale”

© Viktoria Makarova | Dreamstime.com

“White Horse Run Gallop”


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