Meltem Arikan

pieces of innocent people

just like dry leaves 

drifting away 


pieces of innocent people

just like dry leaves 

drifting away 

the curbs are watery not because of rain

but blood

while the cold and blood are sucking the oxygen 

those who believe in creating a new system with their own deaths

those who are deluded sanctifying life with death


Those who deny of their own pains,

are creating pain.

how has mercilessness penetrated your skin 

how has hatred pierced your hearts

while lives are being smeared with blood 

how do you believe in love?

while you’re destroying lives,

how do you believe in a new order?

while your lives are turning to nothing 

how do you believe in yourselves?

how could you be so heartless

how could you become nothing?


Words are not enough…

sentences do not end…

while lives are turning to nothing 

warmongers rub their hands.

The level of violence is so extreme

fathers, mothers, youngsters, children,

being destroyed brutally…

the frightening sounds of footsteps 

come to life within the bombs. 


and fear…

and violence…

and weapons…


together with politics nurturing the nothingness…

while pains continue to bleed like open wounds

nightmares being turned into dreams

minds are being seized with death  


And the fear of fear

and the hatred of fear

looping in a vicious circle of despair

history written with violence and blood

nurtured with violence and blood

borders drawn with violence and blood

being protected with violence and blood


And if Humans could be so merciless

And unthinking

glorifying death in the name of beliefs 


and so separated from sensation 

if Humans could take sanctuary in bombs 


And if Humans 

could drift so far from Humanity

words are not enough

sentences do not end. 

and violence…

and blood…

veiling everywhere… 








and violence… 

and blood…

and human…

Image Credit:  ID 53994160 © Alex Malikov |



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